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Doors locking on 88' Eldorado


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As soon as I start the engine in my '88 Eldorado the doors lock immediately. This caused problems already twice by me getting out of the car closing the door and then not being able to get back into the car. Is this normal?

I thought that this could be due to the BCM being bad. I have some other issues like the radio shutting off over a certain outside temperature or some dash lights not coming on.

When I changed the BCM the followjng error message showed up: "Gear Selector Switch Error"

A friend of mine thinks that this is linked with the locking problem. Can somebody confirm this? Where is this gear selectior switch located?

Thanks for any help!

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I have an 88 Eldorado as well and the doors only lock automatically when the car is put into gear. I think the "Gear Selector e Switch" like your BCM indicates is indeed what the problem is. That selector switch may be either misadjusted or bad. You might even be able to clean the contacts to get it to work again.

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The gear selector switch or PRNDL switch sits on top of the transmission - where the shift cable connects to the trans. As Ed said, that is the source of the problem with the locks. The first step is to unplug the electrical connector to the switch and clean out any corrosion that is on the contacts.

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