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The check engine light came on and I took it in and was told the clutch sensor in the transmission was out. This car has 126,000 miles. The clutch sensor was replaced at about 55,000 miles. The first replacement had far worse symptoms than a dash light -- jerking, dying.

Now, supposedly the clutch sensor has been replaced but the light is still on and the man says it is something else in the transmission, and is talking about a major overhaul -- but the car runs fine -- just like it always did -- except that darn light is on.

Ideas?? Not being a mechanic or even having a clue about the facts can sure get expensive! Thanks for any enlightenment.

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Pull the codes yourself and tell us what they are.


You can decipher them here.


Hi, Ranger:

Thanks for your assistance. I followed procedure to read the codes and nothing came up. The first guy who used his hand-held diagnostic also said it was not showing any codes. I don't want to unknowingly cause further damage, but I'm leery of just walking in blind...

Any other suggestions?



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