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Head prep


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As I continue to wait for parts ive cleaned justbout everything.

Where are the oil passaage to the ohc?

there are allen head plugs on the tranny side of both. The block has a passage to the chain tensioners and each head has an oil runner there. If this is the oil line to the cams, should I remove the cams and the allen head plug and run cleaner throught the passage?

Oil pump

The book sez to inspect the oil pump by taking it apart. It suggests you pack it with vasoline to ensure it primes.

I'm fixing the head threads and have the engine out.

Any suggestions?

Would the cam chains and gears be better serviced if they soaked in mystery oil or or regular oil?



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The oil passage from the block to the cylinder head is up toward the front of the engine, towards the valley side of the block. I wouldn't bother doing anything with a cleaner in those passages. Unless you had problems with oil pressure, leave the pump alone, and leave the chains alone.


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