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Things I noticed about dealers


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I have been to several Cadillac dealers, some are very bad, some are very good, while others are O.K. I used to go to a Cadillac/Saab/BMW/Mazda dealer in Temple TX. They were terrible, they would often mis-diagnose problems, and would do extremely shoddy work. One time I was getting my A/C fan serviced and they broke the wood trim on the dash. Other times when I would go in for an A/C recharge they would say that the compressor is bad, when it clearly wasn't. I went to another dealer in Lampassas TX, they seemed fair enough, and they were open Saturdays. I never had any problems from them. When I went to a dealer in Tyson's Corner VA, they were a little inconvienent with the service appointment, they wanted 3 weeks notice before I could come in, and once they got my car it took them 3 days to fix an ABS problem, but the quality of the work was good, so I guess they were O.K.

I guess it all depends on the dealer. I just wish GM would step in and make the quality a little more consistent.

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