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Bose AVC

Dave L

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For those of you with the Bose radio, is the Automatic Volume Control (AVC) functionality obvious? This may seem like a dumb question but there seems to be no difference if mine is turned on or off.

The way I am testing it is this: Driving down the road, I set the radio (or CD) at a moderate level with windows up and verify that AVC is turned on. I then roll down the windows. The volume out of the speakers doesn't appear to change with the windows up or down, the sound becoming masked by the wind noise.

I've had this into the dealer twice. Both times they sent the head unit out for repair. When it has come back, they report problem fixed yet there seems to be no change. Before I go back to them, again, I wanted to check with the experts here and make sure my test procedure is valid and see if there are any other suggestions.

I also wonder if the problem is not with the head unit but with the microphone input that picks up the ambient noise in the car. Does anyone know if this is integral to the head unit, shared with the On-star mike or an independent mike input?



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I can't hear any volume adjustment on my radio either. I let the Mexican take care of it. I don't wory about the German.


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Is AVC supposed to compensate for a change in ambient noise? Or, does try to maintain a consistent volume output if the input signal source is changed.

For example changing between a weak or strong station or CD, etc?

I don't have AVC, but that adjusting for changing inputs would be my guess as to its function.

Also, I assume that we are not confusing AVC with any "anti-noise" thing (in only a very few vehicles). This concept requires multiple mic inputs and computer circuits, extensive engineering etc - to mask ambient noise with a reverse sine wave of the "noise" (an extreme over-simplification).

Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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I am surprised you cannot tell the system is working.

I noticed mine the first time I drove the car! :D

I notice it almost every time I get OFF the highway.

When coming down an exit ramp I have the habit of

lowering the radio in my other cars and find myself

reaching for the Bose in the STS when the Bose lowers

itself! Other times, when I am listening to the sound of

the NorthStar at a moments notice, I find myself lowering

the Bose because it has automatically increases volume

to overcome the wonderful sound of the NorthStar!

{Maybe Cady engineers could work on that.} The sound of

the NorthStar is better than anything on the Bose!

Good Luck & God Speed! :D

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Thanks all for the responses.

TDK - This is the description from the Owners Manual:

AVC (Automatic Volume Control): With AVC, your

audio system monitors the noise in the vehicle. Then,

AVC adjusts the volume level so that it always sounds

the same to you.

I fiddled with it some last night and there is some change with the ambient noise. With the windows down and running down the highway, if I turn AVC off the volume of the radio decreases and then increases again when I turn it back on. However, the increase in volume isn't as noticable as it sounds like yours is, CadyKing. It doesn't seem to fully compensate for the increase in ambient noise.

I'll have to decide if I want to take yet another pass with the dealer on this or not.

Thanks again,


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After reading your post, I chcked the AVC on my 02 DTS. I found that driving 40+ with the windows down and then coming to a quick stop, there was a big difference in the volume change ( it took about 2 or 3 seconds to change). With the windows up, the car is so quiet, there is no change.

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I have the bose sys. I never paid attention if it adjusts the volume I know that in the settings it's on that's it. I will check it to find out if it works I really didn't know it's purpose I thought it was for keeping the radio at a constant volume during commercials on the radio Go figure I never read the owners manual. I always have the windows up so I never noticed if it works or not but I'll check it next time I'm in the car with the windows down and up..



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