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Tire tread depth video

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That's a pretty dramatic comparison of wet-road stopping distances.

However, Caveat Emptor - the video comes from the guys who are trying to sell you tires.

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I have always gotten rid of my tires at low mileage and most people think that I am nuts because I don't keep them longer. I am very concerned with wet handling, and RARELY go beyond 40K miles with my tires after rotating them to get good wear. I believe that the reason that I get rid of them at low mileage is because I can feel their poor wet weather handling capability in my gut. A car with worn tires begins to take exit ramps poorly in the rain, you can feel it begin to let go. Personally, wet and dry exit ramps tell me a lot about a car's condition. I had read this thread tonight and then went out with my daughter to costco, when we pulled into the lot it was nearly empty, I said to my daughter hold on, and made a very hard right hand turn in the rain to see how it would hold on wet ground. I was VERY happy with the way my Deville took the turn, NO fishtail or skid at all, very surprising. Keep in mind that I was only doing about 15 but I was very impressed with how the tires dug in. Tires are still good... :P (my daughter enjoyed it)

That video is shocking in its ability to graphically illustrate how important good tires are for wet handling. Amazingly the NYS inspection pays no attention to tires at all.

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I always get antsy to replace tires at the 4-5/32" tread depth range. I've never owned tires that were even close to the wear bars. I can feel the difference in aquaplane resistance between new and old tires. Tires also lose traction in general as they age (due to deterioration in the tread compound) and that's not accounted for in the Tire Rack video, because they simply shaved new tires. I think the differences between new and old are even more profound than what the video shows.

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