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code p0300 What causes this?

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Ok here we go. Got in the car the other day and started to drive to work. Looked down and saw that my wife had left me with no gas as usual. While going to the station i felt the car missing or intermitent miss. Filled car with high test to the tune of $80.00 and started off. Got on the highway and felt the car really starting to miss and the the check engine lit came on. Got to work and checked the code on the dash and the code read P0300 history. I checked the fuel pressure regulator when I got home since this is not my first caddy and no gas is leaking. Noticed that when the car is in park it runs smooth as glass but when you put her in gear and start to drive thats when I get the misses. Please help if you can, I added a bottle of dry gas incase I got bad fuel with water and I will change the fuel filter too. Please help if you have any suggestions. And the car has 117,500 miles on it. Thanks for your help. steve T.

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If the spark plugs are original, it may be possible the platinum pads have fallen off the ground electrode. Pull the plugs and inspect them.

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