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suspension noise question


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Dear all member

I have a 94 STS with 90,000 miles. I posted a question a week ago regarding stabilizer bar bushings and the wheel hub. I recently changed the bushings and the noticeable one time "thump" noise is gone(It made this sound whenever you accelerated after a dead stop). Do I have to change the links also?my front suspension is still very noisy.

The other point I mentioned in the last post was my observation that the left front wheel moves slightly when you push it in and out(when that side is jacked up). I also noticed that whenever you turn left or right or do some S manuevers you hear a "tic"(in the case of S manuevers it's like "tic,tic,tic....").It's not a contineous noise though. I personally think it's the hub, but they also suggested that it might be tie rods or the ball joints.Is there a separate precedure by which I can test those components?

Thanks in advance for all responses.

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usually wheel bearing causes the weel to move in an out , that's why people somtimes kick their tires :)

excuse the mistakes im trying to hold a abbaby and type at the sme time

if you push the top of the wheel and pull and it moves it could be bearing, if it moves as in left to right like the direction of the steering then it could be something as you mentioned (tie rod, bushing, control arm, etc.) Possible that you hit something and bent something :>

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i had a hub-bearing assembly noise but could not say for sure which one was bad. here is what I did: I have turned one of hubs some 120 degrees WITHOUT TAKING THE THING OFF. Took the car for a test drive and the pattern changed dramatically. If before noise was more pronounced when I turned to right, now it was so when i turned to left!. At least i knew changes took place after I did something to particular hub. So I have replaced that hub and the problem was solved. This method just helps to determine which hub is bad (if any) without taking it off. Just my $0.02

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