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Northstar engine Bearing construction


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Originally posted by JohnnyG:

...which type of bearing is inserted and what metals should I look for in a UOA?


"I don't know which type of journal bearing is presently used in production for the Northstar engine. If it's the aluminum type, you'd be hard pressed to distinguish whether the aluminum and silicon came from the bearing or some other part of the engine such as the piston (Al, Si) or sand (Si, from the intake). If it's the copper type, you'd look for lead. Can't depend on tin because the piston is tin plated for break-in."

This above is from another board as you can tell. It seems that it generally does no good to look for certain wear metals in an engine, if that design of engine uses some of the newer materials for bearing inserts. One of the reasons that I have stayed away from oil analysis is because of this one fact. Without a basis to compare engine manufacturing techniqes and materials used, these analysis become meaningless. Of course, there are other reasons that I do not use oil analysis for my Northstar, I think it is the least of my concerns. I was just wondering about the construction for those few that DO have their motor oil checked. Can anyone out there give me a little info (bbobynski) on what wear metals (or any other material such as Si or glycol) would likely show up, and what levels might indicate a problem.

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