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Driving home today...joho....service engine light. great.

At least the repaired 'service engine soon' IPC led's appear to work.

Anyway, trans feels ok. Not that. Whew.

Get home, plug in scanner. P0410. Again?

Vehicle history. Car is on third AIR system blower. Blower #1 and blower #2 used old OEM hose. AIR pump #3 got updated hose. Blower 1 and 2 had water intrusion.

I was expecting another wet pump...but..

Anyway, strange, been pretty dry around here lately...

Started checking stuff..

Air pump 50 amp fuse ok. hmm.

Checked relay..cleaned contacts...its working..

Vacuum checked AIR valves..they hold vacuum.

Jumped air pump at relay. It spins up and sounds ok.

Checked air solenoid. Seems to be working ok.

Changed one 2 inch section of vacuum hose. Maybe....suspect.

Clear codes. Wait and see..maybe false code...

Of course...plates are due in May. Car has to pass for new tags.

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