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Strange problem


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I have a strange problem. When under light acceleration and the converter locked up, I get what seems like a slipping under light throttle. The tach needle never jumps. It just feels like I lost traction for a brief moment. It also does this when I take off from a stop but not very often, almost feels like the wheels slipped a bit, no traction active light either. Any ideas?



2001 STS with NAV

1994 BMW 850Ci

1993 GMC Typhoon

1988 Fiero waiting for a Northstar

1988 Toyota Supra Turbo "slightly" modified

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With the ignition in the ON position, simultaneously depress and hold the climate control center OFF and WARMER buttons until diagnostic mode appears on the Instrument Panel Cluster (about 5 seconds). This will diagnose the problem, if any, by displaying trouble codes. To exit diagnostic mode depress the AUTO button.

A "GM Diagnostic Trouble Code List" can be found at: http://myweb.accessus.net/~090/dtcobd1.html

To find a code, simultaneously press Ctrl and F on your keyboard and type in the code. For example, search for P039 using a zero, not the letter "O."


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