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Hey guys.. New here.. just picked up a 2002 Caddy STS on Saturday... I really like it... I have a couple of concerns... It has 88000 miles on it... And it is imaculate.. Looks brand new.... My concerns with the car is #1 the passenger door lock stick on occasion.. Any ideas how to fix this.... #2 Concern is when the car is parked and i turn the wheel i get a moaning... The car turns easily.... And when it is in motion it doesnt really make any noise unless i am turning a tight turn at less than 2 mph... Mainly it is only noticible when sitting still.... I checked the Power steering fluid.. It was low.. I added some and it helped a lot but noise is still there... At first it was there when parking but not now as much.. Mainly just when sitting still? It is not a really load moan but it is noticible... Any ideas on how long the Pump is going to last?? It is not leaking anything.


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Check the power steering fluid again. When the fluid is too low, the power steering system gets foam in it. When that happens, you need to top it off two or three times as the air works out.

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Check your tire pressures, 30 PSI should be fine.

Make sure all of the front suspension is lubed, particularly the ball joints.


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Possibly consider changing your power steering fluid?

I have the moan as well, much worse when not moving, and I plan to change the fluid once I get the chance.

Some on here have suggested this, and it seems like a cheaper solution to try.

I also try not to turn the wheel without atleast creaping along so there is less load on the pump.

Also try not to hold the wheel at full turn against the stops, the pump will just keep pushing on the stops.


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hey guys thanks for the quick reply.. I checked the fluid today and it was at the same point.. some of the groan is gone.. so what i am thinking is that even though the resevoir was low it still had plenty in the pump. So probably like you guys said i need to flush it out... Where would you guys recommend taking it.. I dont really want to mess with it if it is inexpensive to let someone else do it... I live in Memphis Tn..

Oh i have one other concern.... I am assuming the motor for the AC is under the passenger foot well.. Right under the glove box.. sometimes i get all kinds of noise.. maybe a squeaking maybe a chirp... I know i am prolly just being too picky but hey its a Caddy it should be quiet right ;) LOL.... Has anyone had that problem and stopped it?

Thanks.. ;)

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The first thing my father ever taught me about cars and power steering is that you NEVER turn the wheels when sitting still. "That puts too much strain on the mechanism" he would say. I guess it's still good advice today...........just lost over the years. That would have been about 40 years ago!

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