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Hey folks.

I'm new to these forums, my name's Scott. I am just about to purchase a 2005 Cadillac CTS Sport. A friend of mine had one a couple years ago and I absolutely loved it. I figured it's time to buy my own. This will be my first Cadillac (I've been an import guy since my first car).

The car is pretty much brand new as it's only got 15,000km on it. I'm wondering what I should look for, anything to be wry about?

Any info is appreciated.



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I would want to get one with the extended 7yr/100K mile warranty. The 05's were covered by a 4 yr 50k mile bumper to bumper warranty, which should still be in effect on this one, so good. But the extended warranty would be some reassurance. I would ask to see the service records for the car, and run a carfax on it. If not at a dealer I would take it to a dealer or a auto service and have them inspect the car (around US$100). From inside the car I would ring onstar and ask them if the diagnostics on the car show anything.


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