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Smokin' '96 SLS!

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I had to haul some audio gear the other night, so I took my wife's Rodeo and let her take the Caddy home from work. The next morning while going to work in the Caddy I noticed there was a good-sized cloud of dark gray smoke coming from the exhaust every time I accelerated away from a stop after sitting for a minute or two. I took the car when I went to lunch and it blew smoke a couple of times. I drove it to my mechanic's house that evening, and wouldn't you know it... it was fine the whole ride home and didn't do anything when my mechanic was looking at it. <_>

The SES light has not lit, no current codes, no evidence of oil or ATF leakage, oil level looked good, all other fluids are fine, idle and throttle response are good as ever, no apparent loss of power, although I haven't opened it up too much.

I'm bringing it to the garage Monday to get looked over, probably pull the plugs and check for oil fouling and get her up on the lift. Any particular things to check? O2 sensors maybe? Cat convertor? Is there anything in the DIC that I should check for air/fuel ratio or injector pulse width? If it were running rich, what are the symptoms?



-Mark P.

Salem, MA

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"Refined Sugar" - '96 SLS, 175K

"...the Caddy is dedicated to relentlessly -- and comfortably -- converting time into distance." -J.J. Gertler

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Take it for several WOT runs :)

Usually clears smoke right up :)

If not then it could be a number of things, most of which are simple, some of which are bad. So hopefully it's just some carbon buildup.. What color is the smoke and what does it smell like?

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