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help on my 1990 cadillac deville 4.5 engine starts up fine ,but go to drive it theres no power even with gas pedal to floor,could the fuel pump be bad but car will still start up if it was bad?

sometimes it will back fire thru the ports is that something else other then a fuel problem?

already checked map censor put a new one on didnt make a difference

changed plugs and wires and distrubitor cap

fuel filter is fine also.

catalytic converter check also fine.

thinking it was injectors but im not getting no power i would think not all injectors are bad at the same time so at least it should drive somewhat power wise.

i did diagnostic codes only get a e52 .

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Recheck spark plug wires routing and the FPR (fuel pressure regulator). The latter should not show any presence of fuel when you pull the vacuum hose off its nipple (ignition is ON).

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I would check the OBD I trouble codes. Here's how:


If you don't have any codes telling you what the problem is, it's probably clogged mufflers or a bad catalytic converter.

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I would hook up a fuel pressure gage to the fuel rail, tape the gage to the windshield and take it for a drive and note the fuel pressure reading when the car loses power. You may have a fuel pump that is failing.

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