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1994 Cadillac STS Alarm/Remote Start

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Is there anyway i can remove the security systems (factory alarm, and the module that puts the alarm in ARM mode when the doors are locked.) i have already bypassed the PATS system, by wiring in my own resistor to the ignition system because i loose my keys and im sick of having to spend 100$ to get another one. ALSO i planned on installing a remote system and i had to bypass it anyways. I was wondering if someone could email me or post on here how to install an alarm/remote start system. I have to do it myself no one around my area will install them on these cars because they dont want to take the reliability.

If anyone has done this before can you post your email or something so if i have any questions i could get some help, or put a basic wiring diagrams and stuff to help me out.. Thanks alot guys.

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