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Door Panel conditioner?

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Well here is a few pics of my Caddy... I have a question about the interior door panels... They are vinyl correct? Cause amoral makes them white and Leather conditioner dries them up.. What does everyone use on there door panels?

Aerospace 303 protectant

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Everybody will laugh at me....

But for ME, Johnsons Baby Oil works real well on vinyl to keep it soft and keep it from getting brittle and cracking.

I clean the vinyl real well... I use Dove, plain water and wash cloths. Then I put a little baby oil on my hand and gently rub it in. It also works GREAT for vinyl tops.

My 1984 Fleetwood Brougham d'Elegance, with a white vinyl top, still looked BRAND NEW when I sold it in 2002. It was parked out in the weather most of it's life.

OK... you all can laugh now or criticize me and tell me I don't know what I am doing... :D I don't care... :D ...

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Lemon Pledge....Iv'e used this on all my cars and have never had a cracked dash or door panel. I'm not a chemist , but it seems to restore the elements that leach out of the vinyl over time that make it dry and brittle.

I have also done the baby oil thing like Texas Jim on vinly tops. Looks great for years. Never tried it on the interior.

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