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new codes P0174


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Is that the only "P" code you see?

If so, as a first step you could physically inspect the O2 sensor (exhaust collector, front bank) and be sure the sensor is secure and the wire harness is not damaged. Check for exhaust leaks on front bank.

A more thorough check would also include the fuel injector O rings for the front bank injectors.

The PCM is seeing a lean condition on the front cylinders only. A totally failed or lazy O2 sensor "should" set a unique code so we can assume it is not a bad O2 sensor for now.


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Other possible causes of this code, in approximate decreasing order of probability, include vacuum leaks, clogged air cleaner, dimpled or kinked air hose between the air cleaner and the throttle body, dust bunnies or other obstructions or dirt in the MAF sensor in the throttle body, dirty throttle body, and sticking IAC.

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