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Coffee in shifter


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Depends on what else was in the coffee; like sugar or dairy products or ???? There are electrical and mechanical components that could have / might have been exposed to unknown corrosive materials.

A 100% paranoid person might flush the area with 3 times the coffee cup volume using distilled water. And that would make for a big cleanup.

Personally, I would allow the whole mess to dry and assume an optimistic attitude.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Personally, I would pull the cover cover off and thoroughly clean everything. But, that's only me. There is not is much to taking the cover off, it just pulls up (it's held in place by push in fasteners).

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Yesterday, my wife spilled a cup/part of a cup of coffee into the shifeter. Other than smelling like coffee in the car, can I expect any problems?

Thank you.

Yes, you can expect your wife to spill coffee into the cigarette lighter.

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I would clean as much of it out of the PRNDL indicator as practical and leave it at that. I used to work for the company that made the shift assemblies and PRNDL indicators for GM - one of the tests the mechanism had to pass was the "Coke Test". The mechanism was saturated with one can of Coca-Cola Classic, allowed to dry and had to remain functional after the test.

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