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CTS Information Needed (03-07)

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I'm interested in buying a used (03-07) Cadillac CTS, but i'm unsure of the possible configurations. I'm more interested in sportiness than luxury.

I'm aware there are several packages available for this generation, of which are the Sport Package, Wheel Performance Package, and Sport Appearance Package. I would like to know the most sporty configuration with the most aggressive suspension package (FE3).

I know to start with:

3.6L VVT (255hp)

Aisin 6-spd Manual Gearbox

I don't care for the Luxury Package, and do any CTS models come WITHOUT any wood trim? I prefer aluminum and black. Also, how do I differentiate between the models and what suspension I have? Also, which package comes with the 12-spoke wheels and what suspension comes with that?


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Hi, welcome! :welcomesmiley:

Obviously, the most sporty CTS is the CTS-V. You may find that the early 2004 CTS-V's are in your price range now, even if the current model (around $52K) is not.

The CTS-V has that great V8 engine, better brakes, FE4 suspension, and lots of other advantages (except MPG and price)

The big sport option on the CTS up to 07 is to be sure to go with the 3.6L VVT engine. In 08 the 304hp direct injection 3.6L.

The sport package ensures the car gets limited slip differential, although in my tests my base CTS had LSD and suggested the inclusion as part of the sport package is a marketing issue.

The FE3 suspension is somewhat more track ready than the FE1 or FE2, although the best bet again is to swap to the CTS-V springs, bars, and shocks. if you plan to do that,

it is immaterial which setup the car came with.

Otherwise, avoid the sunroof and any other weight additions and you should be good.


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i just recently bought a 07' cts sport a couple of months ago. it is the 3.6 vvt. as far as i know and what caddy has told me, the 07' SPORT pkg. is the only true sport that they made that year. it is the 6 speed manual tranny, the expensive italian rims(that they only made for that car), tighter suspension, different molding on the front back and side rockers, mesh grill, spoiler, 2 tone leather option and special paint option(which i have, Thunder Gray).

by the way, it's sweet!


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