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Bad break probelm resolved

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Earlier this week, my car had problems braking and all the lights were displayed. Picked my car up today from my trusty mechanic. All the steel brake lines were all rusted to crap. I'm assuming the owner before me never undercoated the car, but oh well, nice new ones are installed.

In case anyone wants to know the lines and adapters were about $280 cdn, and the labour was about $100 cdn. It takes awhile to sort and replace that mess.

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Had the same problem with my '96 sts it cost $400.00 just for the rears and my mechanic said to look forward to doing the front in the near future. :angry: But @ 170k it's all good 2 new hubs and lower ball joints and a fresh set of 18x8 Massitaly chrome 5 spoke rims with 255-45-zr18's :D and she is as bad *smurf* as can be. Now if the everyday driver would last for a while the rest of the children won't feel so neglected. B)

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