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Cadillac DeVille, '97, 230,000 miles. 8 month old radiator. Heating to 250 deg. Machanic said he put new water pump (I doubt it) and new thermostat. I flushed the entire system with Zerex Supper Flush and run water throughout the system with the thermostat out. Water runs freely. Yet, temp at idle goes to 250, but racing the rpm to >2000 lower the temperature. What gives?

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Start by checking the purge line to be sure it is clear. Has the radiator been flushed? Might want to have the coolant tested for exhaust gases.

230k huh? WOW! Original head gaskets?

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I was thinking the same thing, that this is related to the water pump belt or tensioner as Jim said and also check the purge line, at the bolt with the hole in it by the throttle body as Ranger said.

Why do you doubt if the mechanic put in a new water pump? Take a look at the belt for cracks and see if the tensioner is free to put pressure on the belt and see if the pulley is cracked. You will need to remove the belt shroud to get at it. Be careful of the explosed moving parts if you run the engine with it off

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