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painting rotors


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Outside washing my car finally [it's been over a week!] :)

..anyway, looking at my newly painted calipers and now I'm thinkin' I want to paint the rotors black. It would make the calipers stand out more.

Can I use the same high temp paint [1200 degrees] for the rotors? or will it burn off? Thanks guys


Oh, heres a pic of my caliper, incase you missed the post



93 Cad Seville 100K

95 Chev Blazer 143K [garaged summers] :)

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My Buddy had tried to paint his rotors but he painted the vented parts of it. He had used a high heat paint but after a week it had burnt off. If you are thinking of painting the part where the pads meet the caliper, as soon as you step on the brake, my thinking would be the pads would polish the paint right off ;) . Calipers look sexy though :P .


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