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Trunk Pulldown


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My trunk will not pull down. I have checked fuse, its fine. When I did this , I happened to move wire and it worked. But now I can't seem to move the wire again and get it to work. The little switch on the top lid seemed to make noise before. Now both are dead including the bottom one, thanks, LARRY

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Check the lower switch - there is a small tab that is next to the large paddle. Cycle the tab on the switch and see if that activates the motor.

If that doesn't yield any results, check to see if there is power at one of the upper switch leads. If not, then there may be a broken wire in the harness that is routed along the deck lid hinge. If there is power at one of the upper switch wires, check for power at the other upper switch wire. There should be none with the deck lid open. Hold the upper switch closed and you should now have power on the dead wire. If not, the upper switch is bad.

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