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1998 sts license plate cover removal help.


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Hey guys, I just purchased a sts and its my first cadillac. Well I live in Chicago and state laws require both front and rear plates. I tried moving the front plastic cover but all i can do is remove the top portion. How do you remove the bottom part?? I dont wanna break anything, so i rather ask first before force is taken. I searched everywhere and didnt seem to find any answer. I did notice 2 lil holes on the bottom part of the bumper, but it doesn't seem to be held on by screws. Thanks guys

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Look into those two holes. There is a screw in each of them. Remove the screws, and pry out the bottom of the cover.


Got it thank you so much. At first i was actually looking for screws, either a phillips or flat, but guess it was a bolt. Either way, got it off and feel safe driving my car now. :)

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