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92 Deville 4.9 waterpump


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I started my 92 Deville the other day, it had been in storage for a while, and while it was running I went to do some other things. When I came back there was water all over the hood and engine compartment like something was leaking on the belt and it was throwing antifreeze in a perfect line. I shut it down and checked all the hose connections but could not find any leaks. I then suspected the waterpump and found it leaking in that area but could not pinpoint it.

1.) Is there a weep hole on these pumps that will let water seep onto the pulleys and belt?

2.) How hard is it to change and what should I look out for?

The manual makes it look fairly easy but I know there is not much room between the pulleys and the inner fender. I know the front tire has to be removed to access the splash shield to remove the lower bolts. I know it is going to be harder than the one I change in my 94 Northstar.

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There is a weep hole in the bottom of the 4.9 pump. My experience with the 4.9 pump is that once it begins to leak, it quickly washes the grease out of the bearing and the pump destroys itself quickly. I changed mine about 3 times once behind a Marriott Hotel with borrowed tools. I had a Seville and there was not much room. I don't feel that this is a hard pump to change at all, its just hard to get at a couple of the bolts back near the firewall, but it can be done.

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