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UPDATE on inoperative driver's window

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I want to say thanks for everyone's input on my problem!

I don't have to buy the whole panel board just the center piece with the four buttons.

But that piece list for $90.

Does anyone have a used one laying around or knows the best place to buy a new one?


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www.gmotors.com or www.gmpartsdirect.com will have the OEM part at a much cheaper price than the dealer.

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Last week my passenger window wouldnt go down from the driver side, but would go up from it. All other windows work fine. Its the switch not working right, so I went to get a new switch and the part was listed for $298!

Are you just replacing the button or the four window buttons, or the whole piece which includes my mirror adjustments and seat settings?

Input from anyone would be great before I cough up $285 for a window that will go up, but not down.

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