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Park brake release - electric


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This will be specific to what I believe is a limited number of years of Seville models (1998 - 2004?). And more specific to my 1998 model year experience.


Park brake fails to release when gear selector moved from Park.

One possible Cause

Oxidation/corrosion on fuse and/or relay plug-in contact blade surfaces.

Possible Solution

Remove and reinstall each and every fuse and relay in the underseat Fuse/Relay box; one by one.


Less than one hour.


This condition has been haunting me for longer than I care to admit; to the point where I stopped using my park brake. Today was the opportunity to properly diagnose the situation. And oxidation was the problem. Unfortunately, I can't specify which fuse/relay blades were oxidized because my Service Manual schematic diagrams conflict with what is acutally installed in my 1998 model car (typical with the first year of a model change).

Here are operational theory details for the technically inclined


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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