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It took awhile to get it rite


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Today I went to the dealer to finish up work on the front seat heaters and oil consumption which is on going.. 1/2 qt. in 1000 I am pleased with that, I'll be back in another 1000 mi. and see what happens. Hey B'bob running it up to redline in 2nd gear every now and then really works Ok a whole bunch of times to blow out the carbon!

The heated front seats took a couple months to get corrected. The dealer sends the work to a trim shop. The first time they just replaced the heater elements on both front seats and they did not heat up very well compared to the original heaters which are sewn into the seat covers. Well no joy so they order new front seat covers for both front seats and when they arrive back to the dealer to send the car to the trim shop. Gm sends the dealer 2 left front seat covers so back again to get the right front seat cover. In the process one of the trim bezels on the left front seat broke during r & r the clips that hold it on so back this back this morning to finish up due to lack of parts they had to order the trim bezel. This whole ordeal started in Feb. I'm glad it's finally done and I am happy with the final results it just took awhile to get it rite. Sometimes it takes awhile to get it rite. No complaints just a comedy of errors..Even some strange stuff happened during the process The last time I was at the dealer for the right front seat cover I pull out of the dealer hop on the freeway and check the gauges on the inst. cluster well the temp. gauge and fuel gauge inop. So I go back to the dealer no I'm ticked off to say to least I pulll into the service area looking for the service mgr. I find him and tell him the gauges are inop. he tells the porter to go get the car and pull it into one of the bays in the garage and wouldn't you know it the gauges are all working fine and the porter is looking at me like I'm nuts. No proplem since go figure..



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