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what do i really have


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maybe this sounds stupid, but i cant determine if what i have is really a sts or a seville. the trunk of my car says sts but that could have easily just been glued on. i ask this question because every single 1992 sts that i run into looks different from mines when it comes to the control console in the middle, in front of the clutch handle. my a/c/radio console is made of three parts.

part one(top): it's a thin console with 5 buttons: a. trunk b.fuel c. info d.trip e. ? cant remember

part two(mid): the radio/cd/ tape player

part three(bottom): it's a a/c control panel. and it's wide too. about the same size as part one and two together.

every other sts and seville before during and after my year have a totally different setup. the center only has the radio and thats it.

i cant figure out why my sts is like this and not like the others. can anyone help me out. maybe some info on this. maybe urs is like this. let me know. the reason i also ask is because the the third console doesnt work. it does have any wires connected and im trying to find a harness for it so i can get it working.

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