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I've been reading some threads on lights here and thought I'd throw mine in for some help.

94 Eldorado,

My lights on the digital dislpay and radio are dim all the time, they don't get bright when the headlights are off in the day time, they stay dim like it's night time and it's very hard to see them. The lights on the speedo and tach,which are of the analog type still will dim and brighten with the dimmer switch on the headlight switch. The other light problem is the interior lights won't stay on after the driver door is closed, they do stay on when the passenger door is closed. I'm not sure if these to problems are related. Any one have any ideas?


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I know I just had a problem with my lights dimming and the dome light too. Except mine was a little bit different. My speedomoeter and driver information center messages wouldn't dim along with the climate control (Temp. setting, Off, Low, Norm, and High indicators), but all the lights in the buttons would. Also the dome light would never come on no matter which door it was and the twilight sentinel didn't work. well all these problems came from one thing. The Twilight photocell in the dash under the defrost grille. It made the body control module think it was daylight all the time. So I unpluged it and it thinks it is night time well now all of those things will work. Run your on board diagnostics and see if your dimmer switch is working correctly and also the twilight photocell. Shine a flash light at it and see if it get a reading of about 10. then cover it up to make it think it is night time. This is where my problem was even in the dark it wouldn't go over 30 and it has a range of 0-100. I would have to say I am confused too on your dome light problem. Hope this helps.

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