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2003 Corvette Is it fast ??


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:o Just got home from work and in my driveway was my buddy Ted with his new 2003 Corvette. He had just got it on Saturday and drove it to upstate N.Y. over the weekend to break it in. Gave me the keys...and said lets go for a ride. It's got just over 1200 miles on it. Punch it in Drive from about 10 mph and was counter steering hard to the left to try and keep it from comming around. About 75 feet of rubber befor it caught, them just a REAL HARD pull right up to 125 mph where I just chicken out and shut it down :lol: What A Feeling ! It's like the higher the rpm got..... the pull was unreal right up to each shift point (in drive). Even my old 71 Vette w/ 454-365 HP and 4:11s would not touch this thing out of the hole. Well anyway.....It was a nice end to a busy day. THANKS TED !!

P.S. I still love my STS ;)

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I agree !!!!!!!!

Last fall I had a 2002 Z06 Vette for an evening. You just can't describe the power.

I have a '70 LT-1 vette that works well, however, not near like the Z06.

2008 STS V8
2016 Colorado Z71
1970 Corvette LT-1 Coupe

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