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Yes - if the door sticker indicated the car was equipped from the factory with Z-rated tires, it should have the 155MPH limiter.

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My understanding was that cars (1996 and newer) equipped with Z rated tires had no speed limiter at all, but that the top speed of 148 - 150 MPH ws drag limited.

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My 93 STS craps out at 130 whats the deal with that?

Have you checked the driver side front door jamb for tire speed rating? My 93 has the Z rating and I've been at 140+ a couple of times, can't seem to find a safe road to find out the top end..... :angry:

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I've been up to 115.. Then I saw the stop sign :)

I don't get the ratings.. that is for the tires.. correct? So you could go past the 'rating' it would just be unsafe [even more so]

Or does the 'rating' indicate when the fuel cuts off?



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The tires that were fitted at the factory dictate the speed limiter setting. If your car was equipped with Z-rated rubber when it was built, then it will have the 155 MPH limiter. If your car wore S-rated, it's 113. This tire rating is noted on the door jamb sticker. If the manufacturer allowed higher speeds than the vehicle's tire is rated for, they could be held liable if an accident occurred at a higher speed.

Note that you can purchase reprogrammed PROM chips for OBD-I cars (prior to 1996) that will remove the speed limiter. If it's '96 or newer, you're outta luck until someone cracks the codes.


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