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speed limiter

99 eldo

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Hi caddy lovers how do we get rid of the limiter? i have the 115limiterwhich i cannot stand. i plan on gettting h-rated tires so why can"t the dealer change or program ecm for me if i get the correct rating tire. its ridiculous that they put 115limiter in certain northstars if your paying so much for these cars. don" get me wrong i love my 99 eldo .best car I,ve ever own. she loves the highway and it stinks when i don,t have option to go a little faster than 115. please help bobbyb or anybodyelse. thanks guys

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I thought the cars equipped with "Z" rated tires (1996 and newer) had no speed limiter. I thought I once read that the top speed for these cars with the "Z" rated tires was drag limited to 148-150 MPH. Is there a governor/fuel cut-off at 155MPH, and if so, do you know the actual top speed potential for these models? Just curious.



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