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Anyone Got A 2000-03 STS W/"Z" Tire Option


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I have seen several 2001s W/ the Sport Package "17" tires. Still rated on door sticker as a "17" (H speed rated tire.) I have NEVER seen a 2000 STS W/ the "Z" rated tire from the factory. If anyone out there has A 2000 OR NEWER STS WITH A FACTORY INSTALLED "Z" RATED TIRE PACKAGE (On The Door Sticker) please let me know. Really I don't think the beast exists after 1999. But I have been know to wrong befor.....

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When I was looking last summer I found 3 2000 STS's with "Z" option. They has "Z" rated tires and son indicated they came that way from the factory via the sticker in the door jamb and the "Z" (I don't remember the actual code for it)code on the inside of the spare tire cove in the trunk.

My 2001 w/ sport option came with "W" rated tires and so indicated on the sticker in the door jamb. So my guess is, that perhaps 2000 was the last model year with the factory installed "Z" rated tires.

As I recall the speed rating is:

H: Up to 130 MPH

V: Up to 149 MPH

W: UP to 168 MPH

Y: Up to 186 MPH

Z: 149 MPH +

I am actually taking a SWAG (Scientific Wild *smurf* Guess) as far as the speed rating of W and Y rated tires.

But back to your original question ... yep, they are out there!

Jim White

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