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Funny (happy) ending to a long day


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....so, after leaving work right at 6pm, I jumped in the HOV lane so that I could get to the daycare and pick my daughter up before it closed at 6:30 (they charge $5 for every minute you are late). My wife works a little further away from home and has to deal with more traffic than I so when I got home, of course she wasn't there. It looked like rain, so I parked on the side of the road so that she could have the garage (the manly thing to do).

Well, she got home about 15 min after me, so I went out to pull my car in the driveway (can't leave the Caddy on the side of the street). The rain was just starting to come down. I got in, turned the key and nothing. No lights, no bells, no whistles...WTF! Not having a clue of where to start, I decided to disconnect the battery and reconnect it. I pop the hood just to take a peak and I notice that the lights flash on and then off again. Now I'm thinking that it has something to do with my PASS key so I get in and try again but get nothing again. Frustrated, I start "slammin' Cadillac doors" and go in the house. It is lightning now so I don't dare go out and play with the battery. Turn to the news to check the forecast and It looks like it's gonna be doing this all night.

Well I get a break in the weather so I run out, and check my battery...THE NEGATIVE CABLE IS LOOSE. After laughing at myself, I tighten it the best I can by hand and get in to start the car.

On the first attempt, I get that loud, scary "burp" that i described in a previous post (Guru says it's the manifold relieving pressure). Second attempt, she roars to life!!! All is well (for now)

Now I am curious...this burping happens whenever I loose battery power. I was playing with the radio the other times it happened and had the battery disconnected. Is there a reason for this?

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I think the "burping" Guru was talking about is a backfire and the manifold "burp" is the relieving of manifold pressure so as not to blow it up.

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