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Adding Aux inputs???


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Do any of you guys know of an adapter that I can put on my factory disk changer cable that will add aux inputs and still allow the disk changer to function? I have a 97 Deville with a factory tape deck (not the Bose, just regular tape deck) and I have changer controls built in. I am planning on getting a Neochanger this weekend and connecting it to the factory changer cable. It will still be controlled by the deck, no fm modulation. But I would like some aux inputs too so I can put an MP3 player in my center console and maybe add a diskman and/or a sattelite radio to the center console as well. Factory stock deck with all kinds of stealth enhancements. Anyone know of an adapter to do this on a 97 Deville?

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I don't, but I admire your quest -- to keep the stock look with some good stuff behind the scenes. Everyone these days has an aftermarket deck poking out of the dash. I think it'll set your car apart to have it look 100% stock and kick some bass in the end. :)

How ironic, you used to add an aftermarket deck to be different. These days, it seems that you're in the MINORITY if you have stock stuff. :)

Jason(2001 STS, White Diamond)

"When you turn your car on...does it return the favor?"

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