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Help please - Code P070 on GF's 94 SLS Northstar


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Anyone with a 94 shop manual, please advise what code P070 is for 94 Seville with Northstar. About two months ago - did the big carbon cleaning (removing coking from EGR passages) and cleaned EGR as well. Yesterday, today she is getting yellow SES light and I see P070 as current.



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A reading from the book of BBobynski...

P070...Intermittant Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) circuit.

Could be a bad TPS....or a bad connection at the TPS.  The TPS is

on the throttle body on the side opposite the throttle

lever....little black plastic deal with wiring connector and

wires coming out of it.


-Mark P.

Salem, MA

IPB Image

"Refined Sugar" - '96 SLS, 175K

"...the Caddy is dedicated to relentlessly -- and comfortably -- converting time into distance." -J.J. Gertler

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