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The bar has been set for the STS-V. Auto Week reports that the new BMW M5 boasts a 500 HP V-10. Lets hope that Caddy plans to match the M, at least from a performance standpoint. I had been hearing rumors about great things for the STS-V, but all I heard of lately is the same 400 HP engine found in the CTS-V. I hope I am wrong, because that is not going to cut it. Any thoughts?

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I don't know for a fact, but I'd be willing to bet that the STS-V will sell more units than the M5, and for a lesser cost. I'd be willing to have the STS-V even if the M5 could kick its' *smurf*. The STS-V can't be the fastest thing in the world, it can just be a performance option on the already spirited STS. So what if the BMW M5 is quicker, I still prefer the styling, and the comfort offered by the STS.


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