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P024 Vehicle Speed Sensor

Willie Hank

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Well, we were on our way over to a dinner party tonight when my engine light came on. I scanned the ECM whilst I was driving and it showed a P024, which shows in documentation as "(EGR) Vehicle Speed Sensor". My wife noted the speedometer was reading zero, that is it was not working. The car drove fine, but the speedometer would intermittently come on then off. Later, when we left the party about 2-1/2 hours later, the engine light did not come on and the speedo was working fine.

Any ideas? What does VSS has to do with the EGR? Does my phenolic spacer plate and intake cleaning have anything to do with this?

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PO24 has nothing to do with the EGR. Its the code for the VSS or vehicle speed sensor. It does send the signal for the speedo.

$20-30 part. Mounted on top of the trans just above where the passenger side axle shaft enters the transmission. Single 10 mm bolt holds it in...

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