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Hi guys and hopefully some gals,

I'm Becky and new to this forum...don't hurt me.

My husband found this great site, and I volunteered to be typist, helper and sometimes even cheerleader when necessary. I coersed him into checking out a 94 Concours Northstar 4.6. (83K mi.) The seller said it had a transmission leak,and his mechanic friend told him by phone to just put trans. fluid in it and keep driving it. The seller's wife was the one who put the fluid in it and drove it. Yes, we have very limited information. We bought it anyway... just because. It WAS cheap and husband kept murmerring "Northstar".

Got it home...checked surge tank...looked like just water...dipped in white piece of paper...came out tannish orange and oily...stuck water hose in and a bunch of this stuff came out. Found out it did have coolant in it. Husband took radiator to rad. guy to clean and replace trans. cooler (&ck cooler for leaks) which the guy did but said he didn't find it to have a leak...also said it could have possibly leaked after heating up and expanding. We have not found the car to be low on t. fluid. So, we thought we had found the problem of t.fluid leaking into the radiator...but no, doesn't shift right. After driveing for awhile SES light comes on and the car begins a sort of short surging or small lurghing motions...hard to describe. When slowing to a stop SES goes off. When I first felt it I thought fuel filter. Oh yes, my husband says no problem in 2nd gear.

Here are the codes we got on our first try... all History

P086 Undefined gear ratio(Transmission Pressure control)

P094 Transaxle shift "A"solenoid problem (vehicle speed sensor)

P117 open/short solenoids/solenoid wiring(transmission)

and a bunch of ride control codes that we'll worry about later.

Husband cleared the codes and we like to never found anymore till another P117. Also, the new thing...in a test run found that car would stay in forward gear when shifted from D to neutral while driving.

Everything else "seems" so great with this car. I just barely, barley stepped on it once and was startled. It was like "effortless" power. I really love that.

Seeing as we have now "bonded" with this car, we'd really appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks for your time.

Becky...& Mick

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