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Saved by Bbobynski again!!!!

Willie Hank

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Thanks Bob for sticking with me...

I checked the torque on the damper bolt, which was good, no loosenous...

Then, per your advice, I took off the oil filter had someone crank the engine over. A slight hesitation then oil came spewing out. I put on a brand new filter (discarded the now 5 day old filter) and cranked it over. Oil pressure is restored.

I suspect the oil filter removal helped to "blow out" any clog, I would find it hard to believe the new filter I put on the past weekend decided to clog up after two days of driving.

Of course, The engine has a few more sounds, and it seemed noisier the last time I went throught this fiasco. There is a sound coming from underneath the engine that almost replicates an intake leak (tick,tick,tick). Oh well...

One thing, I am a little nervous about this happening twice, and am wondering if I should going ahead and replace the oil pump anyway (now that I can get it home without a tow). If I bought a new oil pump, would it be the re-designed pump, or the original for that year?

Thanks again for your insight,...and patience.

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similar thing happened to me after an oil change where once i started up the car after the oil change a low oil pressure and stop engine immeadatly message came up on the dic.Iheard a slight knock during the time (maybe 10 seconds or so)before i shut it down.Checked everything and after a minute or so restarted it and everything was normal.Could never figure out what happened and has never happened since.

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Willy Hank,

How about cutting that oil filter open for laughs.

What if there were something in it?

my .02


Ya know, that never crossed my mind until you mentioned it, unfortunately I just checked our company dumpster and it looks like it was emptied today.

To be quite frank, I just wanted to put it behind me, and assumed the filter couldn't be the probelm,..I nor anybody I know has ever heard of a new filter causing a problem, but,...you never know.

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