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Self-Recharging A/C Compressor


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Haha, i know it didn't, but got you to look at the post right?

anyways.. My info center was reporting i had low refrigerent.. A/C compress off.. so i figured i had to get it recharged..

but THEN.. i changed my battery, and now the A/C works.. but is that cause it hasn't detected the low refrigerent yet?? or just cause the battery had somethin to do with it??


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By changing the battery, you cleared the low refrigerant code by disconnecting the negative battery cable. The code/message will probably return...

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It would be wishfull thinking. I agree with Kevin, you just cleared the codes, and when you start running the air it will come back. Both my Caddy's had low refrigerant this year. I recharged the 94 myself, but I can't talk my father-in-law into parting with some of his R12 for the 92. I just had the 92 serviced last year so I am going to take it back and see what the tech will do for me. Probably another $200.00. Good Luck.

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