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Woolite solution for leather cleaning


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After doing some reading at Autopia (www.autopia.org), I tried the Woolite solution to clean up the leather seats. It works great! Much cheaper and more effective than other commercial products I've used.

Apparently in the past, Cadillac actually recommended using Woolite and water, they now recommend "a mild soap". Used a 6:1 ratio - ie. 6 parts water to 1 part Woolite. Spray on, scrub gently with a towel and presto. Autopia members say that rinsing is optional. (I rinsed) Try it out.

The site members recommend "303 Aerospace" protectant or a leather conditioner. I guess any good one will do. I did note that the seats are "coated" leather, much like painted, so I don't know how effective any conditioner will be. Just the same it couldn't hurt.

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I have a spot on the back of my seat which is in the shape of the seat heater coil I believe. I guess it got too hot against the back of my black leather jacket and transferred some of the color.

I had never heard of the Woolite mixture and, since I had some in the house, I just went out and tried it. Nothing Happened!

Since I was already into it, I tried some Murphy's Oil Soap which I have used on my leather before and it came right off! It didn't seem to have any adverse affect on the leather.

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