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Install my own struts


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I bought my new struts and shocks from rockauto for my 91 Eldo and now I am awaiting delivery. I am going to put them on myself. Have any of you done this yourself? I am looking for some words of wisdom as to what to expect with this install. Or some steering to other sites that may be of help. Any advice would be appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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I installed them myself on my 88 Eldo. If you have a service manual, this really helps. For the fronts, make sure you mark the position of the studs sticking through the towers so you can put it back the same exact location. You will need a spring compressor once you get the strut/spring unit off. When you install the new front struts, you will need to realign the front end. Pretty easy to do if you have to tools to do this. You can also give the front end a slight 1 to 1.5 degree negative camber to gain some extra cornering grip.

For the rears are easier. The hardest part is to get that nut on the top of the strut off. I used a pair of vice grips to hold the 6 point bit while backing off the nut. If this is rusty, good luck. You might have to use some other method to get that nut off.

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