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accessory power problem HELP


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i have gotten some help from your website and so far

all of my problems have been solved, but now I got a

strange one. my accesory power stays on. the radio and

antenna and anyother accesory will not shut off. with

the key out and the doors opened then closed the power

stays on. its not killing my battery yet but PLEASE


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A little more info would help. The first suspicions suggest: What has been worked on in thecar? Has the radio needed repair? Has the sound system been "upgraded"?

I would first check that the second power lead to the radio has not been moved to an improper source.

Good luck.

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Aftermarket radio or stock? If it's aftermarket, perhaps it's running off cigarette lighter power? The cigarette lighter in my '93 always had power and was not affected by retained accessory power, which, as you probably know, will power for something like 10 minutes after key off, unless the door is opened.

Does your dome light come on when the door is opened? Or the "keys left" chime? Just a WAG, but if the car's not seeing the door switch, it will continue to drive the radio until RAP times out, perhaps?

Please don't take this as gospel, just a WAG (wild-*smurf* guess, yaknow)...

-Mark P.

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only the wipers and radio are on and the antenna is stuck up. the radio is aftermarket but it was changed 1 year ago and the problem just started. the door chime is there and the dome light comes on so i dont think its the door switch. any suggestions???

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Sounds like the timer in your RAP module has failed and is not opening the ground circuit for the RAP relay OR the relay itself has failed and remains closed after the timer drops the ground. Try pulling fuse #C5 in the trunk while the problem is there. If that turns off the power then it is more than likely a bad RAP module. (There is also a possibility you could have a grounded wire between the relay and the module so you might want to check that before replacing the RAP module) Without a schematic for the Eldorado I can't help you much more than that. Good luck! :)

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DAN........Does your 94 have the push buttons in the door jamb ?

Ya know the things that pop out and turn the lights and buzzer on

when you open the door?

If so they may be internally broken....i had the same problem in my

90. Warranty replaced the plastic one with steel ones........prob. solved.

Not sure what year Caddy went to the ones in the door handles......

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Please don't take this as gospel, just a WAG (wild-*smurf* guess, yaknow)...[//QUOTE]


Give yourself a little more credit and claim SWAG, SCIENTIFIC wild *smurf* guess :P



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