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Great way to find local Junk yards

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Hey Guys,

I've been using this nifty website ever since I've been going to Junk Yards, and since I've hit up over a dozen places looking for basic parts. Anyhow, I figured that you guys would love something like this, because it allows you to search for Junk Yards by state and city, and by type of car (foreign, domestic, motorcycles, salvage etc.) I think you guys will find it really helpful for going place to place looking for specific parts or just calling and asking if they have your car on the lot...

Junk Yard Dog

Hope you guys find it helpful,


P.S. I'm willing to bet this has been mentioned by someone else at some point, but I can't find any evidence showing that (I used the search feature). I apologize if this is reiterating though.

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