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Kudos to GMPP Extended Warranty


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About a month ago I had the misfortune of starting my day with a check engine light on my 2000 STS. At the time I was just pulling out of my driveway for a day trip (about some 350 miles) and I was not a happy camper. Lady luck was on my side on two accounts: 1. I was still in my driveway 2. my daughter's car was home from college and my daughter had no plans to go out that day. We drop off my Cad at the dealership and I leave town with my daughter's car.

I come back that evening to find my 50k beauty had blown her headgaskets along with a bad waterpump. The dealership is backed up with work and it will take about a week before they can work it in. Good news I can get a complementary loaner bad news with the backlog at the dealer they will need a couple of weeks to get the job done.

My story does have a happy ending when I bought the STS last year I was offered an GMPP Major Guard Warranty for $800. For a $50 deductable that warranty ate a $2800 repair bill for head gaskets, water pump, and a tie rod/alignment to the front end.

My advise for all of you in Caddyland who buy retail, give a good long look at extended warranties.

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