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I finally got around to putting up a WAV file for my caddy's exhaust sound. This was a bit of a project; I moved the electret microphone from my main computer to my laptop (which I rarely boot at home and don't have a place for), found my sound hardware's application folder, set it up for the electret, and tested. I then moved the whole thing to the garage.

The car was stone cold so I let it idle for a few seconds before revving it, and the maximum RPM was 4,000. The sound file seems to have the bass coverage to give an accurate sound when I put the file on a CD and played it in my living room through my Bose 901s (I didn't try it in my car's Bose system).

I couldn't find a way to put up a 13 MB WAV file on Photobucket or Image Shack so I put the file on my home computer. Accessing this file is through my cable modem and competes with my use of the Internet. If you listen to the file more than once, please download it to your computer and listen to it, or put it on a CD, from there.

Link to the WAV file:

Caddy Pipes WAV File Read Full Article and/or Comment/Reply


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