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Inner Tie rod Replacement


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Good evening all,

I have a 93 Seville STS and am in the process of replacing the inner tie rod on the driver’s side. I have the manual for the car and it would prefer I remove the rack, I am sure if there is an easier way? maybe!!! I have done a search and only came up with three that reference tie rod, nothing specific.

I thank you in advance,

Mike 93STS

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I have not done this job but the manual will occasionally suggest a procedure that is not necessary for the home mechanic. I suppose if we were Class-A GM mechanics with a lift, and a wall full of Snap On tools the manual is the way to go. If I were you I would look at how the tie rod connects and see if you can remove it. You might need a special tool like a box crows foot or something like that to make it easier. (ahh an excuse to buy another tool, yeah)

That said, I think I recall two things 1) the rack can be taken out through the wheel well and 2) to make the job easier you can lower the rear of the engine carriage to get more room (not a lot of fun as you need to make sure that you don't damage cooler lines, brake lines, electrical harnesses, HVAC covers, sensitive parts, etc)

Look at Regis's Blog on his car, I think he replaced his rack (I spend too much time here, I KNOW he replaced his rack...) you might get some info from that thread. His mechanic replaced it but occasionally Regis will stay and watch the process, Mike

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Yeah...it can be done in car..

You should be able to change it with the rack in the car.

Turn the wheel all the way to one side. So, if your fixing the right side, turn it all the way to the left.

Remove the plastic/rubber bellows.

The inners are staked in place. The best tool to use is a pipe wrench. The inner is crimpped in place. The pipe wrench will break it free.

It's not pretty. But use LockTite on the new one. And use a screwdriver to stake the new one in place.

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